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Exterior Painting & Finishes
Interior Painting

 At Wolcott Painting our goal is to help you protect one of your biggest investments, your home! By caulking, priming, painting or staining the exterior of your home or business with quality products and superior craftsmanship we ensure that all surfaces will be protected from the elements.


Let our professionals help you determine a color scheme that fits your personality and brings life to your home or business, enhancing its curb appeal.


 The Wolcott family offers the best service and professionalism in the Low Country and the Coastal Empire.




Wolcott Painting Will exceed your expectations!






 A room can become warm and cozy, bright and cheerful, whimsical, rustic,

elegant, or inviting all by the colors chosen. Stumped on a paint choice let the professionals at Wolcott Painting assist you in choosing the right color by using Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap and ColorVisualizer Apps. With ColorVisualizer technology we can show you these colors on your wall before the project is started. ColorSnap allows you to take a photo of a color you see and match that color for your home.

 We do more than paint walls. We provide beautiful finishes that are applied to walls and trim that have been properly prepped. We take great care in the process to protect your furnishings. Our team will  move and cover furnishings and install sealed partitions to protect the rest of your home or business. We even take pictures so that every last item is placed exactly where it came from.


                               We bring interior painting to a new level!




Wallcoverings can enhance the experience and provide depth to a room. Your choices are almost endless when it comes to textures, patterns, and colors.


 Enjoy the experience of expressing yourself through modern prints, natural textures, and elegant patterns. 


Our wallcoverings are durable and high quality,  installed by experienced professionals,

for years of visual enjoyment.



Designer Wallcovering
Metal Coatings

   Over time the combination of UV rays and salty air along with other elements causes rust, corrosion, and a dull finish to the metal surfaces of our homes. Through our restoration process we can repair, restore, and enhance the beauty of your home.


 Benefits of Metal Restoration:


 - More cost effective and less invasive than replacement


 - Sustainable


 - Increases aesthetic appeal of your home or business


 Concrete floors may bring to your mind words like cold or industrial. But, concrete has the ability to take on colors and patterns unique to each floor. Through concrete floor staining we can create beautiful durable floors.  Be prepared to be impressed by how beautiful, elegant, and warm a concrete floor can look.

Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors:

 - Durability

 - Easy to Maintain

 - Environmentally Friendly

 - Versatile

 - Long Lasting

 - Multiple Design Options


Transform your garage floor from plain to show room with beautiful epoxy floors.

Concrete Floor Finishes
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